Easter Event 2011

Still Point in the Turning World

Sempervivum, 16th – 23rd April, 2011
Laurieston Hall, Castle Douglas, Galloway, Scotland

Still Point in the Turning World… we come together to share — share the changing seasons changing lives — we share singing dancing walking swimming — we take time to reflect rekindle regenerate release revive — share thoughts of life death growing and passing…

Sempervivum Easter week. What is it? Who’s to say! It’s who turns up and how we are together.

Here’s how it tends to work: early on we each decide our focus for the week — then meet in morning groups that may focus on creative writing, walking, inner journeying, stand up comedy, photography, deep ecology, whatever folk offer. After delicious lunch we have workshops on anything people choose to make happen.

Alongside this there is a wonderful Kids’ Club and structured space for teens. Of an evening there tend to be all-inclusive happenings: dancing, ceilidh, cabaret performances, and a closing ritual that may have emerged out of a group’s work but involves us all.

… the seasons changing the hills changing the river changing — the seasons song the seasons cycle the wheel of the seasons turning — by fire side on lake side in the hills we watch the changing colours from black and white of ice to green of sapling vine and bud …

What a place, food and people! (Laurieston emerging from hard working winter hibernation!). If you’ve been before, you know how rejuvenating this is, if you haven’t: come and find out!

Download printable version of the flyer.