Sempervivum is an informal network of like-minded people who meet up to explore and celebrate being together and being alive. It’s open to anyone. The main event each year is a week at Easter. 

The Easter 2020 event could not take place due to the coronavirus outbreak, so there was a virtual event on Embracing Uncertainty:

Photo from the 'Embracing Uncertainty' virtual event

During the virtual event, participants produced work on the theme of ‘Embracing Uncertainty‘. The work has been collected together by Ed Tyler and can be viewed online.

The 2021 Easter event also had to be cancelled, and the 2022 Easter event could not take place due to problems with the venue. There was a meeting of the Sempervivum group on 25/9/2022 to discuss what form the group should take in the future. A report from the meeting will be available on this website.

During our gatherings, a wide range of activities and workshops are on offer, generated by participants themselves and by members of the communities where our events are held.

In past years we have enjoyed: singing and song writing, art events in the woods, making fire sculptures along the river, spoken word and music performance, open-air poetry, stand-up comedy and cabaret, peace dances, yoga and circle dance, equinox bonfire celebrations, labyrinths in the landscape. You may be inspired to try something new and discover the shoots of a hidden talent, or you may just want to relax in good company.

Sempervivum means “always alive”, expressing a wish to celebrate those impulses which regenerate and enliven us all. Our focus is on community building through creative collaboration and gentle self-enquiry, providing a safe, open environment in which to connect with the self and others in a real way.