Autumn Event 2012

Winter Wisdom
A weekend at Wiston Lodge with Sempervivum
26-28 October 2012

Are you planning on getting through winter as best you can? Or would you like to consciously welcome it and make it a deep time of renewal? The Day of the Dead, Halloween, All Saints eve, Samhain – this festival at the end of October is when cultures across the world acknowledge that the veil between our transient everyday world, and the world that endures, is at its thinnest.

It’s the time for ritual, for masks, for creativity, for dancing, singing, making, talking by fires, walking beneath the moon or meditating. It’s the time for contacting those parts of ourselves, and the world, that we need with us to make winter a time for renewal rather than just survival.

Sempervivum will be offering a weekend at Wiston Lodge, near Biggar in the Scottish Borders, on 26-28 October this year. Sempervivum is a loose collection of friends that is always open to new people joining, and is unusual in that it has a history of annual events at Laurieston Hall and elsewhere that goes back decades.

You can choose to come for a weekend workshop and move on, or come again, and find yourself returning to deep friendships that span the ages and the years.

We meet up to connect, to deepen, to be creative, to play and to have fun. We tend to have a loose structure of small morning groups, which self-organise to decide how to spend each session. In the afternoons we develop a programme of events of all kinds: learning, experiential, playful… which arise from the experience, interests and enthusiasms of the group. So, when we say the weekend is ‘offered’ by Sempervivum, that doesn’t mean anything in particular is planned. We’ll take our inspiration from the time of year and from Wiston, but those who are there will shape the time together, building community by asking for what we need and offering what we want.

This includes eating good food, walking in the countryside, making artwork, sitting by fires – outside and in – playing the fool, telling stories, carrying babies, doing yoga, laughing, singing… and generally spending a few days being real with a supportive bunch of people!