Easter event 2010

Taking Stock — Making Stock

Sempervivum, 10th to 17th April, 2010
Laurieston Hall, Castle Douglas, Galloway, Scotland

Taking Stock - Making StockOur focus is on community building through creative collaborations and gentle self-enquiry, providing a safe, open environment in which to connect with the self and others. It’s an opportunity to take stock… and then cook up some creative projects—in the spirit of the Celtic goddess Cerridwen who brewed up a magical potion in her cauldron to inspire the bards of old!
There are plenty of ingredients to hand to add to the creative cauldron—in past years these have included: singing and song writing, an art exhibition in the woods, making fire sculptures along the river, spoken word and music performance, open-air poetry, stand-up comedy and cabaret, life stories and medicine cards, Dances of Universal Peace and circle dance, an equinox bonfire celebration and a labyrinth in the landscape. Storytelling from the Mabinogion is a strong possibility this time round!
Laurieston provides a magical natural setting, with rolling lawns, acres of woodland and a river, and a loch for boating, canoeing and swimming. Indoors there are roaring log fires, snooker and table tennis, comfy sofas and cups of tea. There’s plenty to do, but also the space to find a contemplative spot in the woods, have a quiet chat round the fire or a pond-side sauna under the stars.

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Come stir the Cauldron of Inspiration at Sempervivum and release your Inner Bard — it might be the best thing you do all year!