Easter Event 2012

Spring awakening: trusting the magic

Sempervivum, Saturday 31st March to Saturday April 7th 2012
Laurieston Hall, Castle Douglas, Galloway, Scotland

Spring awakening: trusting the magicEvery year an ever changing and expanding family of friends – old and new – gather at beautiful nurturing Laurieston Hall to welcome in the spring and to create a community for a week. Through building trust, having fun, and deepening experience, we find a balance between rest and zest, between sharing with others and taking space for ourselves.

Our ages span many decades. Whether you come alone, or with family and friends; whether its your first time or your twentieth – you will be able to explore, play, and find what you need to do as we build our community through the week. We create a programme by offering our skills, experience and passion to shape an amazing range of workshops, sessions and happenings. We share what we have to give, and we take what we need to grow

Last year we sang, danced, sweated in the sauna, felted, walked, sat by starlit fires, told stories, sunbathed, ate delicious food. We also had workshops on dreams, singing, visioning, laughter, right brain drawing, drama improvisation, and much more. The kids built dams, canoed on the loch, face painted, played in the sandpit, threw wellies… while the teens compered the cabaret, led the volleyball and joined in as and when they wanted. There is childcare for the 10-12.30 and 2.30-5 workshop slots allowing adults to focus on their interests, and kids and teens to focus on theirs (but some workshops are open to all ages).

It can sometimes be hard to choose between so many things you want to take part in, but there is freedom to do anything or nothing. We hope you’ll join us!

Each day a few of us volunteer to help Laurieston Hall folk cook, wash up, work in the gardens, do wood runs, etc: a good way to get to know the place and people and to chat over tasks. The event is organised by Sempervivum, an informal network of people that is open to all (www.sempervivum.org.uk), and by the People Centre workers co-op of Laurieston Hall.